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Choice without compromise

V Surfaces by Lithostone is our newest low silica product available in Australia.
Our new formula was designed to be non intrusive and create a safer work environment for all stone fabricators. This is the reason V Surfaces by Lithostone has a low Silica content.
Lithostone continue to source products from across the globe, that not only provide the market with unique designs, improved formulations but also provide a safer option whilst considering the environment.
It is this journey that has seen us collaborate with global leading surfaces company COMPAC. Please refer to the COMPAC tab on our home page to see this incredible addition to our range.

Is it safe?
V surfaces by lithostone slabs have been fully tested locally and meet Australian standards. They are made using a reduced silica content therefore minimises the risk for silica exposure during the manufacturing process. ( Ensuring all Stone fabricators adhere to work safe australia guidelines )

Is the manufacturing process different?
Stone fabricators can work with it the same way using the same tools and machinery.

Does it look the same?
Choice without compromise, our stone appearance hasn’t changed. Our range continues to develop with a strong focus on design.

Can it be used as a splash back?
Yes, however you must refer to the current guidelines for clearance limits.
Your kitchen designer, stonemason or builder can advise you if your design is suitable.

What applications can i use for V Surfaces?
V surfaces can be installed in your kitchen, on vanities, as splash backs, tables, desks and feature walls. Its is not suitable for outdoor use.

Is it durable?
All V Surfaces slabs are heat, scratch and stain resistant.

Is the warranty, care and maintenance the same?
V Surfaces slabs come with a 15 year limited warranty
(Subject to terms and conditions ).

The care and maintenance of your surface remains the same.